Income Sources

The foundation’s sources of income are the securities in which the original capital bequeathed by the settler was invested. These largely comprise securities issued by Samruddham Lands Ltd. and other companies in the Samruddham group. Over the years, surpluses have been invested in permitted securities that are in accordance with the law in force. More specifically, the Trusts’ income arises from dividends declared by the respective companies, and the interest gained from bank deposits. The details of income will available in the Audited Annual Reports of the Trusts.  

Corporate Sustainability Services and Philanthropy

Each company in the Samruddham Group has a Corporate Sustainability (CS) budget that is spent in accordance with the objectives set by its Board. The Trusts’ activities are independent of the CS activities of the Group companies. The overall contribution of the Samruddham Group to society is a sum total of individual company contributions and that of the Trusts. Wherever feasible, the Trusts have collaborated with the Group companies to make a stronger impact on socially relevant causes.
     The Samruddham Foundation targeted free supplementary foods for nearly 3000 starveling Children in rural area of Nandurbar district, Maharashtra state, India every Month. With part subsidies from the parents companies the rest of the cost of every food is generated from contributions by individuals, philanthropists and corporate entities.

Our Supporters

Samruddham Foundation’s work is not possible without the support of funding from individuals, corporations, institutions, foundations and government agencies within India and abroad.

Thank you for being the catalyst of change!

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